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SA’s top dawg granted R200k bail


By Daniel Itai, Bloemfontein, South Africa

ANC’s Secretary-General has encouraged members of the governing party, the ANC, to continue uniting regardless of the current shenanigans.

This follows today’s Court proceedings where Magashule was granted bail of R200 000 over corruption charges and money laundering.

However, Magashule has since maintained his innocence citing the media as the one that is conducting a witch hunt against him lambasting Peter Louis Myburgh author of Gangster State: Unravelling Ace Magashule’s Web of Capture, along the way.

However, Myburgh still remains true to his book citing that Magashule is indeed part of the R255 million asbestos tender which was awarded when he was still Premier of the Free State province in 2014.

“Magashule was supposed to act in a prudent manner with the state finances. Within the departments no transfer would occur without the consent of Magashule. There hasn’t been a single asbestos roof that was changed they are still occupied by families who are inhaling asbestos,” said Myburgh.

However, Magashule has since said Myburgh wrote things that he had no clue off, “that boy is 27 years I am 61 he doesn’t know anything. When I was Premier we took 1 234 students international this media will never report that I can tell you, 302 students went to Cuba to study medicine I know them by heart they are 384 students in Russia, China, Turkey and in Germany doing Masters, students who went to India to study IT, and the three of them are now working at Vodacom. I also organised 500 bursaries which were issued to some white students but the media didn’t report that.”

In addition, Magashule encouraged ANC members to remain resolute and also advised members not to wear branded t-shirts with his face on them.

“I qualified to be a veteran because am now 61 veterans bring people together. I work very well with all the top six leave our differences aside our decisions are collective I will never be intimidated by anyone. I was trained in the ANC I know it better it’s an ANC of masses there has to be discipline that’s how we have been taught.

Moreover, the ANC doesn’t belong to any individual. The unity of the ANC is important if branches say I should step aside I will do so because it will be be coming from the basic unity of ANC who voted for us.

Furthermore, I don’t want a t-shirt with my face I want a t-shirt with the President of the ANC don’t destroy the brand of ANC. I don’t work for White monopoly I am not Bantu I am not Black I am African,” said Magashule.

The Secretary-General is due to appear back in Court on the 19th of February 2021 together with the other seven co-accused. The National Prosecuting Authority is also expected to add another five suspects who are connected to the asbestos tender>chaosafrica



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