Ginimbi finally laid to rest: Pics and Video


Ginimbi finally laid to rest: Pics and Video. Emotions ran high as the socialite Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi was finally laid to rest in his homestead of Domboshava after a week of mourning him. The socialite was mourned in a way that will go down in the lines of history.

He nearly brought the whole of Harare into a stand-still. Ginimbi was mourned like a hero although he was not a political one. Died a painful death after being involved in an accident in his Rolls Royce with 3 other friends including fitness bunny Moana.

It was an emotional send-off for the businessman and socialite. With friends and family, all present as his coffin was rolled down into his coffin. Watch the video below of the moment his coffin was rolled down.


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