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Bindura Boy (15) kills stepfather protecting his mother


TRAGEDY struck when a teenager fatally hit his stepfather with an iron bar in the head while protecting his mother in a domestic dispute over cheating claims, Harare Live has learnt.

Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Fidelis Dhewu confirmed the incident, saying the boy (15) was on the run.

He said the incident occurred after the 37-year-old stepfather had a misunderstanding with his wife over claims of infidelity.

The stepfather went to buy some airtime and took long to come back home, prompting the wife to follow him.

“She found him at the house of another woman, resulting in an altercation following accusations of infidelity,” said Asst Insp Dhewu.

The woman at the house where the man was, ran away and the couple went back to their home and continued quarrelling.

Asst Insp Dhewu said the dispute degenerated into a scuffle and the boy sided with his mother, before picking an iron bar, which he used to strike his stepfather on the right side of the head.

The stepfather was taken to Bindura Hospital where he died the following day and a report was made to police>chaosafrica


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