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Watch:Passion Java responds to Pokello after viral audio


Passion Java speaks: I have nothing against Pokello, she actually inspires me. There has been am indirect cold war that has been going on between Passion Java and the deceased Ginimbi which had Pokello reportedly caught feelings for. From the story below it looks like it hit Pokello hard

Looks like Pokello did not want Prophet Passion Java at Ginimbi’s funeral. According to the information we are receiving and a video that has been making rounds on social media.

In the video taken at the funeral, you can hear Pokello and another gentleman talking about how Passion Java should be there at the funeral. We can hear Pokello asking if he was present, the gentleman replies with a no he is not here. Pokello is then heard saying if it was him, there were guys on standby ready to manhandle him.

This led to a post that Prophet Passion Java posted and social media translated to it as a reply to the video of Passion Java. But the cleric man has since issued a statement clarifying the whole situation. Read posts he posted on his social media below

This is the post-social media has referred to as the reply to Pokello by Passion Java. So his latest post is the one below


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