Passion Java blasts Madungwe: “Ginimbi is in heaven and at peace” {watch}


Controversial prophet Passion ‘Twabam’ Java claims Genius Ginimbi Kadungure is in heaven refuting claims by self-proclaimed prophet Madungwe who says Ginimbi did not make it.

Speaking on Power Fm, Passion Java says he had a dream in which Ginimbi was telling him that he is at peace and enjoying life in heaven.

“Go tell Zimbabwe that they should pray, they do not know that I am in a peaceful place so tell them to pray and should receive Jesus, then I woke up”, Java says.

“He is in a place I never expected him to be”, he continues.

When the radio presenter attempted to talk about Madungwe’s prophecy Java interjected her saying he should rather smoke weed.

Java believes Ginimbi is the one that made him popular.

Watch video below;

Passion Java and Ginimbi used to have running battles on social media where they would attack each other over who is richer than the other.

When Java came to Zimbabwe to mourn Ginimbi he said that all their beef was aimed at attracting online following otherwise the two were good friends.

Perhaps this explains this good portrayal of Ginimbi.

Meanwhile, Passion Java has begun his nationwide tour scouting for talent in the music circle.

He has been busy going around Zimbabwe’s top radio stations speaking about his program.

Java is based in the USA and is known to promote Zimdancehall artists like Enzo Ishall, Bazooka, Jah Master and others.


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