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Prophet Bushiri hands himself over to the police


Prophet Bushiri hands himself over to the police. Reports are emerging from Lilongwe in Malawi that police went to his house last night to arrest him, but he was not there. Shepherd Bushiri has handed himself over to Malawian authorities on Wednesday.

It’s believed Interpol issued a warrant of arrest. The North Gauteng High Court has also issued warrants for the arrest of Bushiri and his wife, Mary, who broke bail conditions last week.

The High Court issued the warrants on Tuesday. The couple face charges of fraud and money-laundering. In a video on social media, Bushiri said the couple felt unsafe in South Africa.

He is demanding that the government assure their protection before they will return. Tuesday’s court proceedings into the formal withdrawal of bail and forfeiture of the bail deposit were postponed to 7 December.

South Africa has initiated legal proceedings to secure the extradition of the pair.

Source: News365


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