Video: Belvedere Flats Gutted By Fire, 1 Person Left Injured


One person was left seriously injured and property worth thousands of dollars was destroyed, in a fire that broke out at Belvedere flats.

The unfortunate incident is said to have occured at Chirundu Court near Divaris Shopping Centre in Belvedere, this morning.

The entire second floor unit was destroyed, as the fire broke out in one of the apartments housed on that unit.

The flats are the property of the City of Harare municipality.

The fire is reported to have been caused by the explosion of a gas tank in one of the apartments.

According to the tenants who reside in the building, the fire services failed to respond in a timely fashion.

They also lambasted the first fire bridge truck which attended the scene, for not having enough water to put out the fire.

By the time the second truck arrived, half the floor was already razed by the inferno.

“If the trucks had come in time and with enough water, some of the apartments could have been saved,” said a tenant who preferred anonymity

Meanwhile, the injured person has been identified as Jenny and she resides in the apartment where the fire first broke out.

She was taken to a local hospital where she is said to be receiving treatment.

With the cost of electricity skyrocketing in Zimbabwe, most people have started to look for other energy alternatives, like liquid gas, in a bid to save electricity.

In most households, electricity is now only used as a source of illumination and for electricity dependant household gadgets like fridges and the charging of phones.

Watch video below


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