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Donald Trump Gains More Ground As Previously Uncounted Votes In Georgia Result In Net Increase


President Donald Trump’s campaign got more good news after previously uncounted votes which were discovered in the state of Georgia resulted in a net increase for the president.

More than 5600 ballots which were previously not counted were discovered in 3 counties across the state, and all three counties resulted in net gains for President Donald Trump.

The first county to discover missing ballots was Floyd Country which had 2600 early votes which had not been tabulated. The missing ballots were discovered during an audit. The Floyd elections manager was asked to resign following the missing votes debacle.

Another 2,755 uncounted votes were discovered on a memory card in Fayette County during the same election audit. The issue was blamed on humans who did not follow procedure.

284 uncounted votes were discovered in Walton County. According to the election officials, the votes were on a memory card from one of two scanners at the polling place that didn’t get uploaded, causing those votes not to be added to the tabulation.

According to President Donald Trump’s White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, the previously uncounted votes in all three Georgia counties had prejudiced the president. The votes resulted in a net increase in votes for President Trump in every county and an overall increase of 1403.

Writing on social media site Twitter, McEnany said,

What is happening in Georgia?

1. FLOYD COUNTY: 2,600 votes not counted — +778 for Trump

2. FAYETTE COUNTY: 2,755 votes not counted — +449 for Trump

3. WALTON COUNTY: 284 votes not counted — +176 for Trump

Uncounted votes found, increasing @realDonaldTrump’s vote total!


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