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Ginimbi’s sister: We are not burning his clothes


Ginimbi’s sister: We are not burning his clothes. Juliet Kadungure was speaking to the Daily Newswhen she said: It’s surprising that people are saying his things are supposed to be burnt and at the same time saying we should meet the Master of the High Court. For what if the things are to be burnt?

The sister to the late socialite and businessman Ginimbi(Genius Kadungure) has dispelled widespread stories that they will burn clothes belonging to her late brother as per instruction in an assigned will that surfaced after the socialite’s demise 2 weeks ago, the Daily News reports.

Nothing is going to be burnt. Do you know the cost of his clothes alone before we go into jewellery and his bedroom? The clothes he was wearing on the fateful day alone cost thousands, and you think we will go on to burn such. The Gucci shirts?

This is after it headlined that he Ginimbi had left an unsigned will that stated that his cars must be sold and the proceeds must be donated to charity, his mansion must be turned into a hotel or a museum and his clothes must be burned and someone named Kit Kat must inherit his Lamborghini.

Ginimbi’s lawyers said he did not leave any will and this week the Master of the High Court will sit down with the Kadungure family and creditors and debtors to determine how his estate can be handled.

Source – Pindula News


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