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He met me in a pub I was 15 years when I got pregnant Moana’s Mother…


Moana’s mother Yolander spill the beans reveal the age she got pregnant of her daughter. Moana was estranged with her father Ishmael Amuli, who last week dramatically seized the burial order and threatened to bury her as per the Moslem tradition, leading to the mother, Yolanda Kuvaoga, approaching the High Courton an urgent basis.

As the nation awaits the High Court to decide the burial matter of late socialite and video vixen Michelle “Moana” Amuli, her mother has threatened to undress in public if Moana’s remains are taken to an Islamic burial site at Warren Hills cemetery.

While the High Court is expected to deliver its ruling from today onwards, Moana’s mother has revealed sensational details about how she (Kuvaoga) met Ishmael 26 years ago in a Harare bar when she was fifteen years. The revelation has led to girl child activist Dr. Betty Hazviperi Makoni charging that Moana’s father must be arrested for statutory r@pe.

The legal age of sexual consent in Zimbabwe is 16 years. Kuvaoga gave birth to Moana 26 years ago when she was barely sixteen aftee having met Ishmael, a self-proclaimed Moslem, in a Harare bar.

“He met me in a pub and by that time I was 15 years when I got pregnant and I want to believe he is the first to abuse me to be wild but today he wants to claim to be an ardent follower of Moslem religion. “Moana died aged 26 and I am 41 years old, if you calculate our age differences it clearly shows that I gave birth at a tender age,” she told H-Metro.

Yolander Moana’s mother told journalists on Friday that she was prepared to undress in public in protest against taking the body of her daughter to a Moslem church. Nhasi ndatouya ndakapfeka kataiti kane maresi mukati ndakamirira kuti vakangoendesa mwana wangu kuchurch yeMoslem ndaisvikobvisa hembe nekuti mwana anga asisaende kuMoslem,” she said.

“Moana had since stopped following that religion and everyone could see it from her dressing and clubbing. “More so she died while coming from a night club, taking her body to a Moslem church is violation of the late’s rights as well as fighting me in the name of religion,” she said.

Yolanda is also basing her fight on the fact that Moana was no longer living an “Islamic life”. “On 18 November, Kuvaoga and Amuli agreed that the deceased would be buried at Zororo Cemetery in the presence of her relatives, including Kuvaoga, her sisters and other family members.

“On 19 November, Amuli unilaterally obtained a burial order in my absence when at all material times we had always agreed on the funeral arrangements,” she argues in papers before the High Court.“Amuli advised me that the deceased would be buried according to the rites of Islam in my absence, contrary to what we had agreed.

“Amuli stated that I would be excluded from the funeral gathering, which would be unacceptable as I am the mother of the deceased and loved her dearly.

“More fundamentally, the deceased had remote ties to Islam as evidenced by her lifestyle, which was more secular. “The deceased was a popular personality with huge following, apparently it would be unfair not only to me but to other people and relations who knew her personality.”

Ishmael Amuli, who is being represented by Ashiel Mugiya in the urgent court case, said that they would contest the application.

“We have opposed the matter and it has been postponed to Monday for argument. The court has invited the parents of the deceased to give oral evidence. “So we are happy that, at least, the court has stopped the mother from removing the body without a valid court order and we believe that it is improper for the mother to seek to bar the father.”

Source – Zimeye


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