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Zaka Man arrested for killing brother in law


ZAKA – A 26-year-old man from Mlungisi village under Chief Nhema was arrested last week for allegedly killing his son in-law over a dispute which he had with his wife, the now murder accused’s cousin sister.

Silvanos Mlungisi is said to have fatally assaulted his cousin sister Regina Charamba’s husband Renias Musasa because he (Musasa) had been engaged in a dispute with his wife over their grandchildren whom Charamba found to be troublesome.

Masvingo police provincial spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident and discouraged people from using violence to settle disputes.

Circumstances are that on August 25, Charamba visited her cousin brothers Tambai Mlungisi and Vengai Mlungisi to relate to them the dispute she had had with her husband the previous night.

She then went back home and proceeded to the garden to get some vegetables.

Silvanos, and Tambai together with their other sibling Joseph later followed their cousin sister to her home to try and settle the dispute, leading to an argument which degenerated into the assault.

Silvanos kicked Musasa and bashed his head on the wall before leaving the place.

At around 19:00hrs, Charamba came back home from the garden to find her husband lying down in the bedroom, complaining of a severe headache.

Noticing that her husband had a deep cut on the forehead and his clothes were blood-stained, Charamba tried to administer first aid but did not report the case to the police.

On October 02, Musasa’s condition worsened and he was taken to St Anthony’s Musiso Mission Hospital where he died the following day.

After burial, rumours that Musasa was murdered by his in-laws started circulating and this led to the deceased’s relatives opening a police case.

Silvanos was arrested and the body was later exhumed for a post-mortem which confirmed that he had died of injuries sustained during the assult>chaosafrica


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