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Video:Moana’s Daughter Tyra taken by mother in Law


The surviving daughter of the late Mitchell Amuli aka Moana whose name is Tyra has been snatched from fighting grandparents. Speaking to H metro on video the mother of Lloyd Chipomho which we understand at this time that her name is Snodia Chipomho said she was tired of the drama between Ishmael Amuli and Yolanda Kuvaoga.

Two weeks ago Yolanda went to the high court to seek a cancellation of the burial order which was issued claiming it did not allow her to be at the final resting place because of Amuli’s Muslim burial traditions. However, in the interim there was lot of washing of linen in the public whereby some shocking revelations came out. Some of the revelations were that Yolanda the mother of the late Moana was never there in her upbringing. It is understood that Ishmael Amuli raised Mitchell Amuli (Moana) with the help of the stepmother after Yolanda eloped with another man who later died. Yolanda only was now close to Moana for the period of 2 years before her untimely death.

It is also alleged that Ishmael Amuli’s son called Ali raped Moana when she was a teenager. Such claims were rubbished by a lot of people as they labelled her complicit of the crime. After all the drama the high court then ruled in favor of Amuli and Yolanda had no choice but to comply. Then came a time after the funeral it is also said that there was a fight over who takes custody of the daughter.

It is understood that Mitchell lived for 3 years with Lloyd Chipomho before they separated in Corrobrough close to Kuwadzana that is when they had Tyra. Narrating her reasons the mother of Lloyd said there was no bad blood between her and the late Moana. ‘ Tyra used to come here for holidays and the mother used to leave her here, so my granddaughter is used to me I can take care of her’ Snodia said

Source H- Metro



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