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Dead man who screamed in mortuary dies again


A man whose story broke the internet after he regained consciousness inside a morgue on Wednesday evening, November 25, has passed on.

Reports indicated that Kiplangat Kigen died on Thursday morning, December 3, at the Kericho District Hospital where he had been transferred earlier in the day.

“We do not understand why the patient was transferred to the hospital. We have since been informed by our MCA of his demise,” Denis Lang’at, an uncle of the deceased told the media.

Due to the sensitivity of the matter, the family did not disclose what the cause of his death was.

Entrance to Kapkatet Hospital in Kericho County
Entrance to Kapkatet Hospital in Kericho County CITIZEN DIGITAL

Kiplangat’s story was highly publicised last week after he woke up at a morgue in Kapkatet hospital, forcing medics to scamper for safety.

The matter had been taken up by the Kericho County Assembly, who were seeking to find answers as to how Kiplangat ended up in the morgue.

Kiglangat had expressed shock at realising that he had been pronounced dead, and even rushed to the morgue.

He had vowed to serve God once he was completely healed.

“When I regained consciousness, I did not know where I was. I thank God because he spared my life and I will live to serve him,” he stated.

Kiplangat’s younger brother explained that he was rushed to the hospital by the family after he collapsed at his home on Tuesday morning, November 24.

Upon arrival at the facility, a medic is said to have pronounced him dead.

“When we arrived at the casualty department, we met a doctor who asked us to register the details of the patient at the reception while he attended to him,” Kipkirui stated.

“When I went back to the casualty department at around 7.45 pm, I learnt my brother was dead. A nurse told me that he died long before we arrived at the hospital,” he added.

The hospital’s medical superintendent Gilbert Cheruiyot, however, alleged that the Kigen’s relatives did not wait for a go-ahead to take him to the mortuary from a physician.-Kenyans


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