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Passion Java claps back at Chin’ono: “You are a paedophile” {Watch


Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono’s attack on Passion Java has been met with a harsh response from the preacher sending social media in a frenzy.

Writing on microblogging site Tweeter, Chin’ono ‘insulted’ Zimbabwe youths calling them useless for following Twabam on social media than following political activist Namatai Kwekwedza renowned for challenging president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s constitution amendment bid.

“On the left is an activist fighting for a better future for these youths,on the right is a comedian “prophet.”}

“The number of followers defines the uselessness of today’s youths and their lack of political consciousness. Tragic”, Chin’ono wrote.

This drew a crazy response from Passion Java calling Hopewell Chin’ono a “failed journalist”.

“Ndosaka uri 113010, face inenge dahwa rinegoita pahuro. #siyananeni failed journalist who wants to look for NGO donations through attacking Zimbabweans and politicians!” Java wrote.

113010 is a cryptic way of insulting meaning p_nis in shona, that is, mb**o.

Java even went on to post a video in which he was calling Chin’ono a paedophile, “nyaya yako yetuvana ikuzivikanwa mumastreets, manyengavana”.

He also alleges Hopewell sleeps with older man for money in a video below;


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