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How Sekuru Gora killed mermaid after it snatched a boy in Chivhu…Mermaid caught on camera (VIDEO)


IN 2016, a boy called Saviour Soda was snatched by mermaids at Mudzimu Ndateura pools in Njanja, Chikomba District, Mashonaland East province. Soda had gone to the sacred pools to catch fish with his friends, Albert

In the video below, spirit medium Sekuru Gora narrates how he jumped into the pool to try and rescue the boy. He says he came out of the water holding a very big dead catfish which later turned into a human-like creature. Another spirit medium, Mbuya Mugoni appeared at the pool crying, telling Sekuru Gora that he had killed her son (mermaid) so for the boy to be retrieved, certain rituals had to be performed.

Rituals were performed and Mbuya Mugoni entered the pool holding the dead human-like creature and disappeared. She then resurfaced after spending two hours under water and ordered villagers to disperse saying Soda would be found after four days. Surely, Soda was found dead outside the pool after four days


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