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Khama Billiat Stabbed By Baby Mama With Screw Driver Over DNA Tests


Kaizer Chiefs star and Zimbabwean footballer Khama Billiat has been left with egg on his face by his baby mama after being dragged to the police station for failure to pay maintenance for his 9-month-old child. The troubled footballer who plays for South African side Kaizer Chiefs has also been missing in action for his side and hasn’t played a single game this year.

The maintenance drama started when his baby mama demanded he pays for his child, something he used to do but suddenly stopped after demanding DNA tests to prove the child was his. The situation became tense as the 23-year-old baby mama got incensed and stabbed Khama Billiat on his hand, causing minor tissue damage.

To diffuse the situation it is alleged Khama proposed that the two go to a police station in Midrand and try to find a solution amicably. According to a source close to the woman, the situation escalated at the police station and they exchanged a few words in front of a crowd that was at the cop shop for their own business. To make matters worse, it was also alleged that police seemed uninterested with the story once they figured out it was Khama Billiat preferring instead to ask for selfies with the star.

Another officer said the scuffle was only defused after Billiat agreed to pay for his child but said the Chiefs player insisted that a DNA test was necessary because he had doubts that the child was his.

According to the mother, Billiat had been paying R8 000 a month for the upkeep of the child in the past four months. He had also paid R30 000 for baby preparation and rent during happier times. However, she said things changed and the soccer star stopped paying for the child and towards her rent. ‌

Billiat was not available for comment at the time of publishing


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