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“I Was Hacked”: Butchery Director Who Buys Sick Cattle Speaks After Shocking Post Goes Viral


A director with a local butchery and meat supplier is claiming that his social media account was hacked after the account inadvertently exposed that his butchery buys very sick cattle including those about to die from diseases.

Kudzanayi Fortune Kadzimu who is a director at Million Meats went viral on social media for all the wrong reasons after cyber sleuths revealed that he is allegedly in the business of buying sick cattle. Even ones that are so sick that they are at the point of death.

This was after Kadzimu allegedly posted in a Facebook group called Cattle Farmers Zimbabwe that he buys sick cattle. Kadzimu wrote,

Tinotengawo mombe dzinorwara even dzakuda kufa. (We buy sick cattle, even ones at the point of death) Call or app 0771 775 556

Quick thinking cyber detectives went through Kadzimu’s account and discovered that he is a director at Million Meats. This was further confirmed by a poster for Million Meats which lists Kadzimu’s number among the contact numbers for customers who want to place orders. Furthermore, the number can be easily verified as Kadzimu’s through a simple EcoCash transaction.

Given some of the horror stories about some of the unsavoury practises that butcheries and other meat supplies are doing, Kadzimu’s post, unsurprisingly, did not sit well with most people. The posts went viral on social media and many people counselled each other to only buy meat whose provenance is known.

They also advised each other to avoid cheap sources of meat. Many also called on the relevant authorities to come down hard on unscrupulous characters such as Kadzimu, who expose the public to all manner of health hazards in their desire for a quick buck.

After initially keeping quiet over the matter, Kadzimu took to social media to do some damage control and claimed that his Facebook account had been hacked. He categorically denied making the post about buying sick cattle. Said Kadzimu,

Good day everyone, hope I find you well. I would like to make this announcement to the General public and our customers that my account was hacked, in relation to the post that is trending and circulating on social, about me and my business empire! I wouldn’t be that dump (sic) to post such stuff. Any damages caused and the hearts, I would like to extend my apologies to everyone. Thank you good day

<img src="https://www.chaosafrica.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/4F32627C-D264-495D-AA1F-0FA7E0DCAFC3-300×298.png" alt="" width="300" height="298" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-11517"

However, most people who interacted with the post seemed not to buy his explanation and evidence and details about the alleged hack.

A few minutes later Kadzimu posted that he was going to share evidence of how his account had been hacked. The intrepid meat supplier wrote,

In some few minutes will be dropping the evidence of why and how the account was hacked.

Within a minute he made another post in which he claimed to have regained full control of his Facebook account

Despite his earlier claim that he was going to share evidence of how his account had been hacked Kadzimu never did so.

Two and half hours later he made another Facebook post in which he claimed that “reasonable people” understood and believed his explanation that he was the victim of a “genuine hack”. The meat supplier went on to thank everyone who is supporting and encouraging him during this trying period. However, he made no mention of the evidence that he had previously promised to share.

Despite the fact that, the post trending is unacceptable in the human society, I would like to thank everyone who is accepting and understanding that this was a GENUINE HACK. I have been receiving calls from all over the world, London, America, South Africa, Australia, Zim, etc. Reasonable people are seeing clearly that, I can’t found posting such stuff. Someone sent me:- great destinies attract great enemies and great challenges ” thank you for the encouragement.

Thank you for the calls, thank you for the messages, I might not be able to respond to every but thank you
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It seems that most people who responded to the post are sceptical about the Million Meats director’s claims that he was hacked.

This article will be updated once Kadzimu publishes evidence of the alleged hack of his social media account.


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