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Fans beg for album as Lovemore Majaivana turns 68


It is not every day that a new picture of Zimbabwean music legend Lovemore Majaivana is shared on social media, but when it does surface, it is always a special occasion.

Recently, Majaivana was captured at what seemed like his home in America, judging by a painting of his picture for the album cover of Sono Sami, the last album that he recorded before leaving Zimbabwe.

The image surfaced as the Umoya Wami hit-maker celebrated his 68th birthday on December 14.

In celebrating this special occasion, his friends and fans wished him well through various posts on social media.

One of them was Albert Nyathi who calls Majaivana mzukulu (nephew). He said when the Covid-19 pandemic is controlled, he would definitely travel to America to see him and perhaps convince him to record an album.

“Happy belated birthday mzukulu. Khula uze ukhokhobe jaha lako Tshuma, ugolide, umfana ogezayo. We miss you dearly on stage, and of course at least one more music album will do.

“Ngiyeza khonapho iCovid-19 ingaphela loba ngawuphi umnyaka. Ngithunywe ngabaku thandayo ukuthi ngizeku recorder – one more album, nxa kwehlule, at least one more song. Happy belated mzukulu wami,” wrote Nyathi in a Facebook post.

On other forums, many people wished Majaivana a happy birthday and the common message was that they were missing him.

UK-based veteran radio personality, Eric “The General” Knight also wished Majaivana a happy birthday and pledged to help convince him to record an album.

“The General wishes a happy birthday to Zimbabwean music icon Lovemore Majaivana Tshuma who just turned 68. Khula uze ukhokhobe Golide. We still insist that there is more left in you Smart Boy.

“Radio54 will make sure that you release what the nation is waiting for from you,” posted Knight on his Facebook page.

In the same vein, many fans on social media have said they want the Zimbabwean music legend to give them one more song or an album so that they can enjoy new music from him.

One Gift Chideme said: “Being humble made you to be famous and a Zim music ambassador. Thank you for dedicating your life in giving us music that will live long after your life. Together with the late Solomon Skhuza, you have earned yourself a place in the hearts of many people across the world. May you live long and I hope one day you will visit the studio and give us what you know best.”

Majaivana who is resident in America ditched music in 2001 due to lack of support locally. He is missed by many in Zimbabwe.

The album Isono Sami, was like his last offering to people and 20 years has been a long time for him not to say anything to his fans.

Source – Chronicle


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