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SA will be back to level 5 Ramaphosa to address the nation tomorrow?


The National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) will be meeting this afternoon following strong calls from hospitals and healthcare workers to implement a harsher lockdown. Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu confirmed that members of the NCCC were recalled from leave to address the concerns as cases of Covid-19 continue to soar by the day. It is expected that stricter regulations will be discussed. Presidency spokesperson Tyrone Seale says the meeting will be taking place this afternoon but could not confirm when President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation on an update.

Confirmed President Ramaphosa to address the nation tomorrow as number continues to rise

The presidency have confirmed that President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation tomorrow evening amid at the Covid-19 cases which has now risen by a record 14 000 over the past 24 hours.

The Corona Virus Command council has met today morning planing on how which measures to put to curb the continued rise of positive cases said a source close to the command council. President said that the issue will be assessed daily and beef up are expected if cases doesn’t fall.

South Africa is expriencing a second wave of the pandemic and things are now from bad to worse. Some countries are also imposing bans on flight from South Africa.

Its believed that the President will take South Africa to level 5 of the lockdown for a period of 7 days starting tomorrow midnight. Its a total lockdown for a week. Hospitals are overwhelmed by trauma and Covid-19 cases continued our source from the Presidency>chaosafrica


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