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Amid Covid-19 Crisis, ZRP Gang Up Against Mkoba MDC Alliance Youths



As the country is battling Covid-19 crisis and trying to come to terms with an imposed lockdown albeit without consultation, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime continues on its dictatorial path persecuting innocent MDC Alliance members.

This time around the state repressive machinery through it’s Gweru ZRP bunch is targeting Mkoba MDC Alliance Youth Assembly members.

Hiding under the veil of Covid-19 lockdown, the ZRP in Gweru are indiscriminately targeting every known MDC Alliance youth activists in Gweru’s Mkoba suburb for what the police refer to as “questioning”.

This so-called questioning is in reality a subtle act where our youth activists are being moved from one office to another as the police dig up for a preferred political charge.

So far those called up by Gweru’s Law and Order Police unit include our Mkoba Constituency Coordinating Committee Chairman, John Kuka and Branch Chairs, Tonderai Chadoka and Portia Tambalika.

This is not the first time that the state repressive machinery in Midlands province has unjustifiably stepped on our toes.

Only a month ago, the police disrupted and arrested our members during a *#One Million Campaign* launch in Kwekwe.

It is clear that Mnangagwa is rattled at the prospect of facing one million youth voices demanding answers to the economic rot and corruption unfolding under his watch.

While we condemn the recent new low by the police, the Assembly is not going to stand in akimbo as its members are facing senseless persecution from the state.

We are ready to fight both Covid-19 and dictatorship!


Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson



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