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Girl (7) burns down house with a matchstick


A seven-year-old Tynwald North girl reportedly burnt their house after lighting a matchstick on the bed.

The fire then spread to the whole house burning property worth thousands of dollars.

A witnesses said:

“The child lit a match stick before it burnt the bed; fire broke out from the bedroom to the passage and it spread to the whole house.

“Fire broke out at the top right corner bedroom which is his room and we noticed dark smoke then we heard screams from the house,” said a witness.

Responding to the screams, other residents rushed to the house where they proffered help.

“We then started to assist in removing some of the property but it was not easy.

“Smoke disturbed everything in the rooms and nothing could be saved. All was burnt including beds, blankets, clothes and wooden chairs and tables,” added a resident.

The fire brigade team arrived at the scene and managed to put off the fire before it could destroy the whole house.-H Metro


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