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Update on Frank Buyanga’s death


Update on Frank Buyanga’s death:-Frank Buyanga has, through his lawyers, refuted claims that the businessman has died or is missing, Harare Live can confirm.

Fellow businessman Mutumwa Mawere had posted on his social media that Frank Buyanga had probably succumbed to covid-19 with some saying he had been shot in South Africa

In a statement, his lawyer William Wilcock dismissed such reports as mere rumours’

We are concerned and have become aware of rumours circulating in the media as well as social media, that our client, Mr Frank Buyanga Sadiq, is missing or has been killed in an alleged gunshot incident.

We can confirm that we have been in contact with our client today, 16 January 2021, and that he is alive and well and was not involved in any shooting incident.

We can confirm that the rumours about Mr Frank Buyanga Sadiq being missing or killed are untrue, our client is safe and well.

We thank everyone for their concern but there is no truth to any of the rumours. Thank you.

Yours Faithfull



Reacently Mr Buyanga lost over R600 million worth of assets after the South African Revenue Authority (SARS) pounced on his Sandton House.

The businessman recorded his confrontation with the SARS officials while blurring the face of her girlfriend who was at the house.

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Buyanga filed at the High Court in an attempt to have the court mediate his debacle with SARS. He says SARS has denied meeting his lawyers to discuss the seizure of Kruger Coins which he claims to be worth R600 million which people buy for a store of value.

Frank Buyanga lanked by President Ramaphosa and Former DRC President Kabila

“SARS unlawfully, without justification and without my permission and against my protests seized from me and dispossessed me of gold (Kruger) coins that I had with me at the time… Conservatively estimated, the gold coins that were stolen from my possession are valued at over 600 million Rand,” he wrote in his founding affidavit.


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