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Unemployed Hubby’s Daily Six-Hour Sex Wrecks Marriage


Constance Muungani (26) as a result fled from her matrimonial home in Chiroveka Village, Gokwe because of her husband Fani Mumba (31)’s unmatched appetite.

But to Mumba what his wife did was unfair therefore, he reported her to Chief Chireya.
The Chief had no choice but to call them for a sit down and Muungani pleaded her case that her husband did not take her considerations into account.

“I have endured too much sex. He has sex with me every day for about six hours to an extent that my private parts become painful. I fear I will die having sex,” she said.She added that it became worse because she is employed and her husband has no job but to keep having sex with her. Thus, she insisted she is not going back to him and also wants custody of the children.

However, the idea of losing a working wife and children was not acceptable to Mumba. .

“I love my wife. I kindly ask her to give me a chance to solve the prolonged erection. I did that in the belief that I would sexually satisfy her and I didn’t know that it would wreck my marriage,” he said.

Chief Chireya told B-Metro that he was working on mending the marriage through engaging both parties.


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