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Watch:Apostle Chiwenga Dangerous Prophecy On Hopewell Chin’ono


Apostle Chiwenga today shared his prophecy on Hopewell Chin’ono’s fate. He also foretells the consequences to follow if Zimbabweans do not assist Hopewell in freeing the country.

In the video Chiwenga says,

“I see Hopewell pulling a huge cart with the other dimension stretching more than 6 km. The cart is empty and it cannot move because it has metal wheels. God told me that this man(Hopewell) is going through a lot and God is not happy with the way Hopewell is being treated. ”

” People will be buried because of Hopewell. God is not happy at all that Zimbabweans are not taking Hopewell’s efforts seriously. Chin’ono is of pure heart. He does not want to be a President, a member of Parliament or to be rich but to help Zimbabweans.”

” Hopewell is a servant of God. He is here to expose the dirty and wrongdoings so that Zimbabwe can be better. Hopewell’s efforts are from God. ”

” I see Hopewell tired and crying tears of blood. God then told me that some powerful people have agreed to kill Hopewell by poisoning him. I cried because God also told me that if Hopewell dies Zimbabwe will be cursed for thirty years and Zimbabweans will suffer even more. ”

” Since 1980 only three people have truly tried to help Zimbabwe and two have died only Hopewell is left. I want to end this video by saying that whoever is touching, arresting, harassing, and beating Hopewell if anyone knows their names write them down. If the oppressors keep hurting Hopewell from today onwards until 2024, many of the oppressors will die. I see a prolific Judge resigning from his duties because of his alignment with the bad people. God is not happy. My name is Talent Farai Chiwenga and all this I am saying is coming from God. “


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