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Private schools in Zimbabwe demand payment in US


Private schools are fuelling rejection of the local currency by other sectors of the economy in the wake of revelations that they are demanding payment strictly in US dollars.

Education is a basic right for every child.

However this right is being taken away by the inequality gaps being created within the sector.

This comes as most private schools are now demanding payment of school fees in US dollars, while rejecting the local currency.

A case in point is the outcry raised by parents of children attending, Mother Patrick Convent Primary in Harare, which hiked fees for online lessons from two hundred United States dollars to four hundred United States dollars for the first term.

A circular from the school noted that payment is strictly in US dollars.

Parents have since raised the red flag, with many expressing concern over the schools refusal to accept Zimbabwe dollars.

For fear of victimisation, they confirm that they raised the issue with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

However, Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Honourable Cain Mathema says this issue has not reached his office.

The case at Mother Patrick Covenant Primary is a reflection of the prevailing trend at private schools.www.chaosafrica.com


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