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Cop caught transporting 146kg of mbanje


Chiredzi – A cop from Ndali Police Station in Chiredzi was allegedly caught and arrested at 11pm on Monday while transporting a truckload of mbanje.

Luckson Munhukwaye (43) of Gatros Hardware at Rupangwana Business Center was coming from the said Center, heading towards Tanganda-Ngundu highway and his workmates stopped his car after they saw it filled with 80 sacks at the back.

He was apprehended at Jack Quinton Bridge at Save with an alleged accomplice Phyllis Mufandaedza and they had 146.2kgs of dagga in the car, according to the State outline with The Mirror.

It is in the State case that on February 1, 2021 at around 3pm Police at Ndali received tip off that there was a contraband of dagga at a certain house at Masekesa Business Centre. At around 1045pm, cops teamed up and proceeded to Mufandaedza’s residence where they conducted a search.

They retrieved a packet of dagga which was hidden on top of the wardrobe. One Cynthia Mumwe told the cops that the house belonged to Mufandaedza and the Police decided to look for him.

They drove along Tanganda – Ngundu Road and noticed a car with some sacks at the back and they followed it and the driver increased speed. They caught up with the car at the bridge and realised that Sergeant Munhukwaye was driving the car. He was arrested together with Mufandaedza.

The two were remanded in custody awaiting their bail application. Ronald Kwangwari appeared for the State. www.chaosafrica.com


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