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SB Moyo Gave Me US$40,000 For Baby’s Preparation: Mliswa’s Lover Exposes 12 Year Affair With General


The late Foreign Affairs Minister retired Lieutenant-General Sibusiso Busi (SB) Moyo has been dragged into the fight between feuding former lovers Temba Mliswa and Susan Vivian Mutami. Mutami who claims that she is months pregnant with the MP’s twins, reportedly claims that she had a 12-year affair with SB Moyo which culminated in the birth of her now four-year-old son.

According to leaked WhatsApp chats between the former lovers, Mutami told Mliswa that the former army general had given her US$40,000 for the baby’s preparation after she fell pregnant. Mutami revealed this to Mliswa, as she was not happy with his apparent lack of care for her wellbeing during her pregnancy. To Mutami, the father of 18 was not showing the same level of care that she had received from the former army general when she was pregnant.

Online publication Chaosafrica reports that a furious Mutami told Mliswa,

“Sibusiso himself was there for Tendai’s first ultrasound. He flew me to Singapore so he could see his son, leaving his work while he was still at KG6,”

According to the report, she described Moyo as “my first love” and “the man that took my virginity.” She went on to reveal that SB Moyo was very generous and had given her US$40,000 for the baby’s preparation and sent her a helper for 6 months after the child was born. She told Mliswa that she needed to maintain the same level of luxury for her other children.

“I’m gonna need US$30k cash when I go back to Australia for preparation for the twins from you. They deserve to have nice things too and be born in luxury,” she said in one WhatsApp message.

“Tendai’s preparation cost me around US$40k. Things aren’t cheap in Australia. I need to keep that same standard for all my kids. They deserve to have the Stokke prams just like Tendai. And mamaroo’s and have everything tech-savvy. US$30k is decent enough for them. That’s an equivalent of 4 Chanel handbags.”

However, things between Mutami and Mliswa appear to have gone south, as Mutami felt neglected by the MP. One of her messages reads,

“I’m invisible to you… I have to send 60 messages for you to come home and f**** me. I’m hurt honestly. I’m going back to Australia we have no plan whatsoever for the twins. No daycare. I pay for my ultrasound and doctor’s appointment visits when you are there. Never have I seen you even contributing or even being concerned requesting for pics and all. This was a mistake Temba, and I need to fix it.”

“…bear in mind I’m only 32 and my sex drive is at its peak. I love having sex with someone that I have a connection with almost like every day.”

“One session every two weeks for me won’t do Shumba. No-one has ever f***** me the way you do. You calmed me down,”

She also repeatedly confessed her love for the MP at one time saying

“I’m the type of woman that would even bring another woman in bed for you to be happy and eat that ass and balls up. That’s how loyal I am to you but I am not getting that love back in return. Context being there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for you. I’m hurt.”

However, Mliswa seems to have failed to reciprocate the feelings with the same intensity. Earlier this week, Mutami approached an online publication and made several sensational allegations against the MP. She claimed that he was gay and had tried to bring another man to their bed. She also claimed that he is broke and that he makes his money through extortion.


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