“Usadanane nemukadzi wemunhu”: Watch hubby bashes man in suit for dating his wife


Usadanane nemukadzi wemunhu”: Watch hubby bashes man in suit for dating his wife:-A video has emerged online showing an elderly man in suit getting a beating from the husband of a woman he was cheating with and dragged through the mud.

The undated video shows people helplessly watching is the man is dragged through the mud while he is choked and playing dead.

No one was willing to help the man as the furious husband slapped the old man, choked him and took his belt and beat him.

Witnesses keep reminding the man never date a married woman.

The video ends as the man, after playing weak and dead, was finally forced to get up and get into the car.

The embarrassing footage also has people calling for the battering of the wife also but thankfully others insisted it is bad to beat up a woman.

Watch video below;

Incidences of violence have been on the rise lately, in relation to cheating scandals, with another one showing Baba Mati beating up his wife over a sim card which his wife was hiding.

Meanwhile, police have since launched a manhunt for the wife basher.

Police have said they are yet to establish the identity of the people involved, the place of occurrence and when the incident took place. The statement read:

The ZRP reiterates that it is still looking for the victim and suspect as seen in a video circulating on social media, where a woman is being assaulted severely by a man with another woman recording (in the background) whilst urging the victim to confess.
Both the woman and the man have not been identified yet. Investigations have been instituted to establish their identity, place of occurrence and date.
Members of the public are encouraged to supply information at any nearest Police Station.

Some reports had claimed that police in Mashonaland West Province had arrested the assailant and his nephew and wife who were present during the assault.

However, Provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Margaret Chitove said the information about the arrest was false and misleading.


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