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Here Is The Covid-19 Vaccination Priority List Showing How Vaccine Will Be Distributed In Zimbabwe


The government of Zimbabwe on Friday released the plan for how the Covid-19 Vaccine will be distributed in phases to members of the public. The Covid-19 vaccination plan is expected to start next week, once the delivery of 200,000 Sinopharm vaccine doses donated by the government of China arrive.

Minister of Health and Child Care, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga also announced that the government of Zimbabwe has purchased 600,000 doses of the vaccine to complement those donated by China. The Minister also announced that the government is currently engaged in talks to acquire the Sputnik V vaccine from Russia.

Below is the Covid-19 vaccination priority plan showing how the Sinopharm vaccine will be distributed in Zimbabwe. The plan is in three phases, with the first phase having 2 stages. The other phases don’t have any stages.

Phase 1: Covid-19 vaccination priority list

Stage 1: Frontline Workers

Health workers
Border/Airport Staff
Funeral Parlour Staff
Security Personnel
Stage 2:

The Elderly (60+ years)
The Chronically Ill
Refugee Camp Inmates

Phase 2: Covid-19 vaccination priority list

College/School Staff

Phase 3

This is for those at relatively low risk and will take place until everyone has been vaccinated.

The Sinopharm vaccine which is made by a Chinese state-owned pharmaceutical company SinoPharm is an inactivated vaccine which works by using killed viral particles to expose the body’s immune system to the virus without risking a serious disease response.

This is different from the vaccines developed in the West which are mRNA vaccines. This means part of the coronavirus’ genetic code is injected into the body, triggering the body to begin making viral proteins, but not the whole virus, which is enough to train the immune system to attack.

According to the government, the Sinopharm vaccine has efficacy rates ranging from 76 to 86 per cent. Sinopharm announced on 30 December that phase three trials of the vaccine showed that it was 79.34% effective – lower than that of Pfizer and Moderna which are at 95%.www.chaosafrica.com


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