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2 Zaka brothers ‘rape’, impregnate sister-in-law (13)


Zaka – Two brothers from Chinoda Village in Zibwowa area under Chief Nhema in Zaka have allegedly been taking turns to rape a 13-year-old sister-in-law (muramu) for the past seven months and now it is difficult to know who is responsible for the pregnancy.

One of the brothers who cannot be named in order to protect the minor had to flee from Zibwowa Business Centre on Wednesday where Presidential Agricultural Inputs were being distributed when he saw cops approaching.

It is said that he removed and threw away his shoes before he disappeared into the hills.

Both brothers are married and the minor is a sister to one of the wives’ and she is an orphan. The minor allegedly told elders that one of the brothers slept with her three times and the other did it ‘countless’ times. It is now not easy to establish paternity of the pregnancy.

Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa said he is yet to get details on the story.

Source told The Mirror that the alleged crime came to light when the girl fell pregnant and she implicated the two. The minor was allegedly raped when the wives of the two men had gone for weekend prayers.

It is understood that they would take turns with her when their wives went to church.

It is understood that when the Police got involved in the case, the two wives assaulted the minor accusing her of snatching away their husbands. She has allegedly since left and is now staying with an aunt elsewhere.www.chaosafrica.com


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