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Shocking As Time Traveler Ba Tea Prophesied Souljah Love’s Death Ginimbi Style


A self-proclaimed ‘Time Traveller’ Ba Tea has come out claiming in his social media groups how he predicted the death of Soul Jah Love just as he did with Ginimbi.

In a series of letters ‘written’ to the fallen celebrity Ba Tea reveals how he finally met Soul Jah Love and they had a “good chat” where the singer “poured his heart out”.

The ‘Time Traveller’ also claims he tried to get hold of him but could not get through. He said.

Tic Toc Tic. I loved you Soul Jah Love and after writting all the letter to you I finally met you and told you the message. We really had a good chat. The day I saw you as I travelled in time is the day I phone you and you urgently told me to come over. I came running and you poured your heart and I felt you. Today in the afternoon I tried to get hold of you but I couldn’t get hold of you.Rest in Peace Mhofu BaTea will always have you in his heart

In one of his letters before meeting with the star, Ba Tea warns him of the dangers of not getting along with people and drug abuse highlighting how himself was an addict but changed

Nhaiwe Soul seiyi uri kuramba kuita Paul. I first saw you in Greendale from a distance uri paKamfinsa shop and you looked so well and i saw you again kuma Avenues muna Central paflat riri next nepakanga pane office yaMakandiwa and a few minutes later wanga watoita brawl and i saw you paGeorge along Mutare Road uchipinda muSupermarket theres a lady who wanted to take a pic newe pakusvika akupa R100 kuti ubvume and i warned you about hunhu hwako and a few minutes later you got involved in an accident une Alteza.I remember making a post again on facebook warning you madays awakaenda kwaMagaya and if i scroll down im sure il get to that post asi hauterere pese pandinotaura nezvako coz maybe you dont know me but recently a friend of yours what talking about you inzwa Soul i want you to listen to me carefully and kana pane averenga this post i want you to tell him this before he commits suicide.Ive been a drug addict and ive had all the hallucinations and ive heard those voices that nobody hears anoita kuti vanhu vazviparadze.The world may pretend to care about you iwe Mwana waStembeni vanhu vachikuti Chibaba vasingazive kuti hausi iwe unonzi chibaba chero makuruwani wacho asi ndiwe uya uya ayinzi chigunguru akaita seni ndainzi ndiri rombe.Unlike you im dont give a shit about fame but even when im not that known i came to understand the person who you are and as time passed by i looked at you from a distance ende pawazozvika my little brother hapasisina kundi fadza.The past doesnt determine the future ive been in that world with one way out which is so dark and got admitted kuAnnex because of drugs with 26 drugs addicts nevanhu vaipenga vamwe vaiita sevakauraya vanhu nemumwe mpfanha aida kurara nechitunha chamai vake.This world is full of bullshit young man iwe munhu wandakawirirana naye ndiri muAnnex ndakabuda ndikamusiya and i always wanted to get intouch with him ainzi Tonde but akasvika pakufa ndatadza kumoona just to show him the way out and now i come to you Soul Musaka again.Forget about the fame and honestly we cant talk about fortune nekuti ehe mbiri unayo shaa kukwira ndege hazvireve kuti waita mari nekuti pane vanhu vanonzi vane mari so lets not even go there.The spirit world youre in Soul Jah Love its too dark and it has one door asi vanhu varimo vakawandisisa isaterere mashoko anouya munzeve dzako anokuita as if unopenga coz ive been there and i know zvinenge zvichiitika. Usati wafunga zvekuzviuraya usati wafunga please please im saying it again please dont you dare overdrug yourself please stop killing yourself. There is hope my brother ive been there inga Mwari varipo dai ndaikwanisa kukuona ndaigara newe pasi ndikuudze mashoko akakufanira tiri two pasina vanhu nekuti youre too young to stress yourself nobody will ever know whats on your heart kusara kwaMwari.Dont loose hope Soul please dont make the wrong choices because ahead of you i can see disaster i can see vanhu vachikuchemera i can see a dark cloud but beyond all i can see i can see faith in you and the love inside you and above all i can see hope.

Below is a screenshot of some of the messages send to Souljah Love


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