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It’s A Mourning Day, Nothing To Celebrate For Youths



Today is the National Youth Day, but to many young people nationwide it is a Mourning Day.

It is important to note that the day was set aside by those that presided over an economic genocide that is threatening our very existence as a veneer to cover up for their unfathomable hatred of young people.

To many a youth, the day has no significance and there is nothing whatsoever to celebrate or cherish on this day.

If anything, the day is a stark reminder of how successive ZANU PF dictators have destroyed the past, present and future of this generation and generations to come.

Abject poverty, unemployment and death of civil and political freedoms is all we see on our doorsteps as we mark this day.

It is a shame to Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rogue regime that this year’s so-called Youth Day comes at time when three MDC Alliance female youth leaders are still in courts fighting for their freedom following abduction, torture and sexual abuse in April last year.

Only yesterday, the same regime swapped Alan Moyo for Makomborero Haruzivishe as the latter was sent to Harare Remand Prison while the former headed for the exit after spending 75 days at the prison facility without trial!

This is the same regime that sent heavily armed soldiers in broad daylight on a human trophy hunting mission in the streets of Harare on 01 August 2018 that left not less than seven innocent civilians butchered.

When they tell us that they care about youths it stinks because it is a big lie!

It stinks of mockery to youths when the same regime that set its militia on a rape, abduct and torture mission in January 2019 want us to believe that they cherish youths.

A ZANU PF government whose whole leadership is comprised of only the grey-haired lacks probity to talk about a National Youth Day because they do not believe in youth leadership at all.

A heartless regime that stole the electoral ballot will of young people through the gun has no honour to waffle about a National Youth Day.

A military dictatorship that does not prioritize the education sector can never wood wink us that they care about youths through a meaningless Youth Day.

Today we mourn the death of our health and education sectors that were destroyed by the corrupt Mnangagwa regime.

Nothing at all to celebrate for the youth!

Ok DefyOrDie

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
_MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson_


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