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Here Are 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Chibaba’ Soul Jah mumber one he had a twin brother


As the nation is still mourning the untimely death of Zim Dancehall great – Soul Musaka aka Soul Jah Love who succumbed to diabetes-related complications, iHarare has compiled five things you probably didn’t know about him.

When he was born on the 22nd of November in 1989 misfortunes followed him until he died.

In 1990 when he was a year old his mother passed away and was adopted by his auntie who sadly died four years later.

He moved in with his grandmother who died a few years later when he was in grade 5, he reportedly stayed with his father and stepmother in Waterfalls.

In 2005 the angel of death visited the Musaka family and claimed the life of his Dad.

Below iS the the compilation of five things you didn’t know about Sauro:

#1 He Had A Twin Brother

When he was born on the 22nd of November most people do not know that he was not alone he was born together with his twin brother John.

According to reports, John Musaka died at the young age of 15 from an undisclosed ailment.

#2 He Had Cancer

Most people know that Chibaba suffered from diabetes since he was 7 years, but very few people know that he was also diagnosed with cancer.

#3 On February 16, 2020, He Was Involved In Road Accident, He Later Died On February 16, 2021

In 2020 Chibaba escaped death by a whisker when his Mini Cooper car overturned just after Martin Spur near Kadoma. He only suffered minor injuries.

Exactly a year later he passed on

#4 He Turned Down A Music Collabo With Jah Prayzah

The Pamamonya ipapo hitmaker turned down a music collabo with multi-award-winning artist Jah Prayzah on 3 different occasions.

Jah Prayzah revealed this in his tribute to the late dancehall chanter saying:

I remember you asked me if we could do a song 3 different times and on all occasions, my answer was the same; “Who in his right mind would not want to do a song with Soul Jah Love”. You stood me up at the studio on all 3 occasions and somehow I don’t know how I still find that funny.

The last time we met you said “this time ndakuuya zvemashuwa.”

#5 He Once Tried His Luck In Comedy

In 2019 Soul Jah Love engaged DKT Records and recorded a number of comic skits that went viral on social media.

The multi-talented artiste showcased his humorous side playing the character of Mufundisi preaching the word in a hilarious way.

In one of the comedy skits that went viral, Soul Jah Love said the following:

Ukanyarara uri munhu waSatan, udza munhu ari paside pako kuti mufundisi haashayi mari ye-pp. Amen. Chibvawatomutaurira kuti wasara ini ndakutonomupa 20US…

Ini handisi kuganza zvangu asi kupera kwangu kuchanetsa…

…hakuna benzi rakadai rinopfeka suit yakadai nekabhutsu kakadai ronyatsopolisha, munenge muchitopenga kana mukandiona kunge benzi dimi mapenzi.

Vanhu vari kuti Sauro apera vari kubata pasiripo, ndakatomboimba ndiri pawheel chair


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