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Manager speaks on Ginimbi’s mysterious grave incident , sister feeding snakes


As rumours of Ginimbi’s coffin having to be reburied everyday flare, the late businessman Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s manager Shaleen Manhire Nullens has come out and refuted such rumours saying it is the work of his enemies.

Nullens, who is professionally known as Ms Shally in entertainment and social circles, denies such mysterious incidences taking place asking for rumour-mongers to ‘stop spreading fake news’ and ‘leave the family in peace.’

Ginimbi was buried at his palatial mansion in Domboshawa after he died in a horrific crash in November when his Rolls Royce Wraith went off the road and exploded after colliding with a Honda Fit. Socialite Mimi Moana who was celebrating her birthday also perished with two other colleagues in the fiery crash.

Following Ginimbi’s death, Zimbabwe and South Africa social media were inundated with discussions on occultism, particularly the purported use of snakes and juju to become wealthy.

According to iHarare, controversial and outspoken social media personality Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg seems to have taken the conspiracies a notch higher. The outspoken United Kingdom-based personality made a Facebook post in which she suggested that Ginimbi’s coffin is mysteriously appearing next to the grave every single morning. She also claimed that the businessman’s sister, Nelia Kadungure, is now having a torrid time reburying the coffin as well as feeding some purported snakes.’

In the controversial post on Facebook, Tatelicious wrote,

Hanzi every morning 6 am, Bhokisi ra My Guy rinenge riri pa Dura Wall. Nelia apfidza nekurifushira mugomba pakarepo. Fidha Nyoka Nelia, dzine ken’azi
[Some are saying that every morning at 6, My Guy’s coffin will be next to the Dura Wall. Nelia is having a hard time reburying the coffin. Nelia, make sure to fee the snakes, they are famished.]

This post as well as other rumours did not go down well with Ms Shally who furiously called on people to stop spreading false news as it is harmful to the families of the deceased. She also refuted all allegations about mysterious happenings at the grave and the occult, insisting that Ginimbi had been a successful business.

Writing on Instagram stories, Ms Shally said,

Stop spreading fake news, there is no such. I know Ginimbi was loved by many and also hated by many mainly for working hard to achieve his dream, he created his own successful career. Let his family be in peace and stop creating such false news. This world would be a better place if we all respected each other


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