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Kuwadzana woman sleeps with husband’s rotting corpse for 6 days


A KUWADZANA Phase 3 tenant slept with her husband’s rotting corpse for three days after the ‘holy spirit’ had told her he would resurrect.

Harare police spokesperson, Inspector Simon Chazovachii, confirms the story.

“We are investigating the case of a Kuwadzana woman whose husband died at home and kept the corpse for six days saying the ‘holy spirit’ had told her he had only died in flesh and would resurrect after some days,”, said Inp Chazovachii.

Mrs Jeniffer Dzeka (38)kept her husband’s corpse, Michael Gondo (50) until a fellow tenant discovered it on February 17.

“The case of the corpse was reported at Dzivarasekwa police on the 20th of February. Police visited the residence where the corpse was being kept at 8906 Kuwadzana Phase 3.

“Police spoke to the other tenant at this house, Gabriel Chinyanga (22), who was the first to know about the corpse after being told by the woman who was keeping the corpse,” said Insp Chazovachii.

Chinyanga, speaking to police, is said to have been told by Mrs Dzeka about the issue on the 17th of February that her husband had died and that his body was inside the house

“Chinyanga said this woman told him that her husband had died and she kept the corpse believing God would resurrect him. In her words, she said Madzibaba Emmanuel told her that her husband had died in the flesh only but would resurrect after some days which made her keep the corpse,” said Insp Chazovachii.

When police got inside the house, they found the corpse lying on the bed covered with a mosquito net and filled with maggots.

“The body was smelling bad and the deceased was suffering from cancer since July 2020. He was also suffering from mental illness until he died,” narrates Insp Chazovachii.

Insp Chazovachii urges the public to be wary of religious indoctrination which leads to breaking of law.

“It shows this woman was indoctrinated at her church where she was told that her husband was not dead, but that he would resurrect after some days. We not to use our minds, others end up killing relatives over false witchcraft claims coming from these prophets.

“The husband could have been a victim of abuse, maybe he was barred from getting medical help due to this religion,” adds Insp Chazovachii.

The man’s corpse was taken to Sally Mugabe Hospital for post-mortem.

“The woman, Jeniffer Dzeka, is helping police to investigate the matter” said Insp Chazovachii.

In another related incident, a Mhondoro family, a few years ago kept two corpses in the house for three months after a prophet told them they would resurrect.

Phiri family, which attends Johane Masowe Yenguwo Tsvuku kept the body of James Phiri (36) who was a prophet and that of Muzozo Phiri (80) shut inside the house with everyone unaware.

This family had been instructed not to eat or take a bath for three months but were only allowed to eat ‘maputi’ and drink water and that they would only be set free after these people resurrected>chaosafrica


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