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Well known Zimbabwean robber gunned down in Jo’burg


A suspected Zimbabwean armed robber and burglar was gunned down in Hillbrow, Johannesburg by a taxi driver who he apparently attempted to rob.

Images were splashed Saturday evening on various South African social media platforms showing the toughened Zimbabwean suspected criminal lying in a pool of blood on the pavement.

Suspected Zimbabwean robber gunned down in Jo’burg
The identity of the man could not be immediately ascertained, but residents of the nearby community posted celebratory messages, some of them bordering on xenophobic hate.

“It ended in tears to a man that was well known in Joburg even the officials knew him but there was no way has been made to arrest the thief, up until he was shot down by Taxi Drivers,” said one resident.

Another one said: “To the community of Johannesburg, he was a threat and he robbed people big time so his act infuriated many people and in the end, they took the decision of exterminating him.

“No one should be blamed because the SAPS didn’t border to end the things they know so the community supposed to take a law Into their hands.”

Yet another Hillbrow resident said: “… hopefully, this is going to be a new conventional to get relieved of exotic residents because the regime sometimes takes things for permitted.

“The law enforcement agencies don’t have the testicular fortitude to deal with these foreign criminals.

“As we all know there’s always a side to an anecdote, but in this instance the guy he’s allegedly known and was there big time doing his business. You can’t be appointed to something that you didn’t do.”

The SAPS has yet to issue a statement at the time of publishing.


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