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Former Vice President Mohadi didn’t want to resign but was booted out


PRESIDENTIAL spokesperson George Charamba has “corrected” media reports that Kembo Mohadi resigned yesterday from the position of State Vice President, saying the veteran politician in fact resigned last week but the press statement was authored and released yesterday.

Mohadi had last week placed his entire fate in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s hands when he said that after embarrassing sexual allegations, he would leave it to the President to decide his future in Government.

Vice President Kembo Mohadi with his second ‘wife’ Juliet Mutavhatsindi: File photo

Vice President Kembo Mohadi with his second ‘wife’ Juliet Mutavhatsindi: File photo
However, former Zimpapers columnist and Zanu-PF member Reason Wafawarova has claimed that indeed, Mohadi hoped to hang onto the job but was booted out. We publish Wafawarova’s piece below:

VP Mohadi certainly failed morally like almost everyone in the Government he was part of, and indeed like most of us, whose only excuse is the immunity of being nobodies.

Moral failure is one thing we nobodies can easily get away with, scot-free.

No sane journalist wants to report poor Reason Wafawarova’s sexual escapades because they simply do not make the news.

That is why we nobodies sometimes do our own videos and leak them for attention.

Obviously, VP Mohadi is no Reason Wafawarova or a nobody. He is a VP divinely placed by God according to Prophet Bushiri’s well-publicized prophecy. Apparently, his downfall can fairly and easily be placed right onto the naughty and notorious old Lucifer; Dhiabhorosi Munyengeri, the one and only who rejoices in the downfall of mankind

Looks like the VP became a super fast Zipper in his own right, making it into history books with such political greats like Thomas Jefferson, Bill Clinton, and our own iconic Morgan Tsvangirai.

VP Mohadi did not resign because of moral failure. Neither did he resign because he was caught out. He did not resign because of shame. He did not resign because of Social Media pressure of the so-called virtualization of his alleged audiotapes.

Do not falsely ejaculate and glorify yourselves for doing a sterling accountability job fellow Zimbabweans. You did absolutely nothing to bring down Col Mohadi, apart from enjoying his alleged misadventures.

Mohadi fell to POLITICS, not to accountability or to any moral standards. The usual protection offered to VVIPs was withdrawn on instruction, and its absence is what caused this resignation.

The admission of guilt by Mangwana and the laughable defense he offered on behalf of VP Mohadi was neither an act of stupidity nor incompetence. It was a calculated and well-consultated move.

It was the beginning of the big man’s downfall

He Mohadi knew what was happening. His Presser was a desperate move to appeal for ED’s intervention, which certainly did not come because the man was already frying in the pan.

I will soon write the script as it unfolded.

Whichever way, by default or by design, VP Mohadi has set a historic arbiter for both accountability and respect for professionalism and human dignity, as well as our much cherished human decency.

An African politician stepping down for moral failure is simply unheard of. We say well done Cde Kembo D. Mohadi.

You can pride yourself. We today stand proud of you. — Zimbabwe Voice


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