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Kembo Mohadi Reportedly Ruined This Marriage AGAIN


Happiness turned into sadness as Martin’s marriage collapsed after learning how his sweetheart, Chevaughn Choeni was allegedly wooed into an office romance with one of Zimbabwe’s powerful men, ex-Vice President Kembo Mohadi.

VP Mohadi’s alleged affair with a married woman wrecked her marriage as reported by Zimlive stating that, Choeni’s husband Martin Chabuka decided to call it quits after the scandal broke.

Martin Chabuka who reportedly proposed to Choeni in November 2020, is said to have refused to comment on the issue and changed his Facebook status to divorced.

The couple has a son together. Chabuka, a professional dancer, proposed to Choeni with the help of singer Nyasha David. He posted the video on Facebook last November, writing in the caption: “A day I will never forget.”Martin Chabuka and Chervaughn Choeni WeddingIt is now a day he wishes he could forget as he picks up the pieces from a heartbreak caused by the 71-year-old ex-vice president.


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