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Munya commits suicide after catching wife busy with another man


Munya commits suicide after catching wife busy with another man:-In a sad development, a man from Marondera took his own life after catching his wife with another man on Tuesday.

The man, only identified as Munya, caught his wife, Zanele Ncube (To be verified) exchanging fluids with an unidentified man in Winston Park Marondera.

Reports suggest he approached her aunt for counselling and she responded rudely;

“Ndiwe murume atanga kuhurirwa here (are you the first man to be cheated on”, sources say.

A Twitter user had this to say;

“Lost a bro to suicide. The wife cheated, he engaged the aunt. She said
‘Are you the first man to be cheated on?’
Aunts are presupposedly custodians of marriage values. When you face these kind of problems look for a brother & not another problem to solve your problem.#RIPMunya “

Sadly he could not stomach the humiliation and decided to commit suicide.

Other sources suggest that the woman, a former University of Zimbabwe student was always promiscuous and people knew her as Zaza. A former college mate said;

Oh my goodness Zanele, I was with her in College. Some things never change anyway Munya ndiye akatoshamisa kukanda Zaza Pa Kitchen.

Another commented

Before uninformed Zimbabweans say tht Munya is either a coward or a weak man, Zimbabweans must appreciate &realise that women like Zanele Ncube are to die for!

The military-backed &led ZanuPF gvt would like to take this opportunity to console&comfort Zanele Ncube.

Other people say this was not the best way of resolving the matter as taking his own life is no good.

Taking your life, or violence because of someone’s shinanigans is never a solution. Kana zvanetsa leave. Life has much more important things to offer! Condolences to the family!

Another said

Taking yr life over someone’s behaviour its a sign of weakness n being coward to the ones who loves u .wakaroora hure she never been committed to u at first place pamwe ayitongoda bag and assets to u .but kuzviuraya u took it the wrong way bro u just send her packing n move on with life .there is life after divorce .naivowo amuhure mochisasana are u going to leave with the guilty ofkilling hubby over musoro bhangu wawabatwa naye .ure a shame to yr intire family waidi kuhurira kumba kwenyu .l get angry with this type of women knowingly am raising sons zvorwadza .anyway may yr soul find rest bro

Others believe it is a stereotype of expecting men to be strong when they too can be subject to abuse;

The pressure on man is just too much?. We say man cheat more than women, we expect man to be strong when they are victims. It’s just crazy. Cheating is a crime to be honest. If we could do statistics for people struggling with mentally health and depression. We could find out that the prime cause is CHEATING!


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