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Zimbabwe:Racing Cars Kill Seven People On Their Way To Church


Two racing cars knocked and killed seven people at Goora Business Centre along the Bindura-Mt Darwin Highway.

The sad incident occurred as the seven were getting off a kombi on their way for prayers and a well known gold dealer was involved.

A White BMW and a Lexus were racing as they tried to overtake each other tragedy struck.

Identities of the deceased and the perpetrators are yet to be known.

People familiar with the area report about the incident on Twitter saying,

The guys overtook me moments before the accident, the white BMW and a Lexus. The BMW guy wanted to overtake the Lexus guy and the rest is history, he lost control on the exit of the curve, damn no one should see something like that.
“Aaah this is sad but at the place there are many humps so these people were flying on the edges of the road . Sad for the Johwani Masowe eChishanhu. Around October in Bindura town a well known Gold buyer also driving recklessly killed a primary school child in Aerodrome suburb”

“Very sad indeed No amount of gold should stand in the way of justice Deepest condolences to the affected families.”
“Speed humps are there 5 of them I think. So these guys should be arrested. The gold-buyer should not be protected this is a huge crime.”
It is sad as last year in March another speeding driver killed 3 children. However, the father of one of the children reports that the reckless driver is enjoying his freedom. This calls for concern and the relevant authorities should deal with reckless drivers.

Another accident occurred along the 67km peg along Mutare-Juliusdale road claiming other 7 lives. The accident involved a ZPCS truck and a Liquid Cargo truck. The deceased are said to be prisoners and officers who were going to attend court in Nyanga. Two other people also lost their lives.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has issued a statement concerning the horrific accidents. The Police also urges all drivers to exercise extra caution to avoid such incidents.


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