Home Africa News Students caught B0NKING in a classroom: Video

Students caught B0NKING in a classroom: Video


Students caught B0NKING in the classroom: Video. The fact that there is no proper care to minimize indecency in education to the minimum level is a major slap in the face of the SA educational institution.

A video of some spoilt students misbehaving in class has emerged and caused murmurs on social media. It is worrying that secondary schools, in particular the government itself, are behaving immorally.

A video of some of these students (male or female) came online in the classroom and committed some act of irresponsibility, while also playing music loudly in a broad day-light.

In the video that has taken social media by storm, s.e.x-starved students are seen grinding on each other like bulls. The young lady offered her body freely to a young man who didn’t waste the chance.


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