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Greatman Says Covid-19 Affected His Posh Wedding Plans


Musician Tongai Gwaze, popularly known as Greatman, has said the Covid-19 pandemic affected his plans to wed his wife Silibaziso Masara last year. In an interview, Greatman said he had planned lavish wedding ceremony.

I know many might be surprised and say why should I not go ahead with the wedding plans, but the truth is that I don’t want a small wedding with few people in attendance,” said Greatman.

“I am a musician and I should allow many people to attend my posh wedding. We had agreed on some plans from the theme, venue and cake with my wife and I would love all of you to come witness the great ceremony, with no restrictions. I have so many friends, family and fans.”

Greatman dismissed rumours that all was not well in his marriage, with some people even saying the union was more of a publicity stunt.

“I just don’t know why people say that. We are happily in love and staying together with my wife in Budiriro 5. I love my wife so much and our marriage is not a publicity stunt.

“Look, how many months have passed since I introduced her to the world? We are fine. We don’t have any children yet, but we will be blessed with many very soon.”

Greatman said he agreed with his wife for her not go to work since he needs help at home due to his physical condition.

“My wife stays at home most of the time. We agreed that she looks after me, maybe with time she will look for a job or go back to her old job, but we are surviving well just like a normal couple.

“People talk a lot about us, but we have decided to ignore their stories. As long as Silibaziso and I love each other, that is what matters the most.”

Asked how he has been surviving under the Covid-19 lockdown as a musician, Greatman said he took advantage to spend quality time with his family and rediscover himself more.

“The Covid-19 pandemic affected everything and everyone, but we had to adjust to the situation. We have been surviving on hustling so that we put food on the table, as a lot is expected from a father.”

Greatman confirmed that he has not been in the studio, but stuck at home following the Covid-19 restrictions.

“It has been a difficult time. I am in musician full time and with this situation of not performing, it has been hard. I miss being on stage. I am planning to go back into the studio to do an album this year.

“I am having financial constraints and kindly asking for well-wishers to come on board so that I can release my album. I believe that album will be a masterpiece, just give me the time and opportunity and you will see the greatness in me. Remember, I did ‘Mibvunzo’, which is on YouTube and dedicated to Covid-19, and has been received well.”

Greatman said he wished to do a collaboration with Zimdancehall singer Winky D.

“I have done collaborations with Sulumani Chimbetu and Matthias Mhere. It is my dream to have more collaborations with various artistes as this also spices up my music. I wish to do collaborations with legends like Machanic Manyeruke, Alick Macheso and Baba Charamba. Winky D has been my favourite and I hope one day I will collaborate with him.”

Greatman said the arts sector should be recognised and respected because it provided jobs.

“Arts is business and people should respect and understand us as artists. One thing I have noticed on why arts sector is not developing is because it is not fully appreciated.

“The sector should be recognised and have its own funds to sustain itself. Artistes are struggling and we should have mechanisms, funds to look after our welfare and structures to cater for us.”


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