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Touts Forced To Masquerade As MDC Alliance Defectors Or Risk Prosecution


Disturbing reports from Gweru are that the ruining party, ZANU PF used soldiers and police to round up touts in that city and the touts were later on coerced to masquerade as MDC Alliance defectors at a District Coordinating Committee (DCC) gathering.

The arrested touts were later on asked to participate in the defections choreography or face prosecution if they did not participate in the charade.

About 150 known Gweru touts were rounded up at Kudzanai Bus terminus and along Harare road and Bulawayo road _mushika-shika_ sites.

Riding on utopia, ZANU PF’s resident Minister for Midlands, Larry Mavhima later on presided over the defections charade where the touts were ‘unveiled’ as defecting MDC Alliance members joining ZANU PF.

Besides breaking Covid-19 regulations with a crowd of over 50, the set maximum number of people per gathering, nothing was closer to reality at the event except the usual and tired lie that our members are defecting en-mass to ZANU PF.

Faced with a growing discontentment from angry, hungry and restless citizenry, ZANU PF is starring at the barrel of a popular mass protest hence these desperate attempts to misrepresent the People’s Movement, MDC Alliance.

We are well aware of the ruse by government of the declaration of war on touts. A responsible government does not declare war on its citizens but it finds solutions to the unprecedented rate of unemployment for young people.

Only a people’s government under President Nelson Chamisa can wrestle the country out of the current political and economic crisis.

The ever increasing numbers of MDC Alliance members and the magnetic wand of our charismatic leader, Nelson Chamisa is giving Emmerson Mnangagwa and his sinking ZANU PF ship sleepless nights.

It is a public secret that we are a party on the rise and no amount of illusionary masquerades,misrepresentation and repackaging of lies can stop the People’s Agenda towards Citizens Convergence for Change.

We are the alternative!


*Stephen Sarkozy Chuma*
_MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson_


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