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Hell ‘Comandress’, Njuzu Unfazed By A series of her S_ex Videos{watch}


Hell Commander’s new girlfriend Monalisa Henrietta C Zulu widely known as Njuzu has spoken out about her leaked s_ex videos alleging that this is the work of a disgruntled ex-boyfriend irked by her recent hooking up with a new man.

Speaking on the sidelines of people spiting her body parts saying she has a ‘mughodhi’, the sassy Njuzu seems unfazed and most importantly her boyfriend is unbothered and totally understands.

Njuzu snatched Hell Commander from Ginimbi’s former manager Shallen ‘Ms Shally’ Nullens which made social media trends.

Although Hell Commander tried to patch things up with Ms Shally by buying her a Range Rover, this proved futile as he soon was back to his bed-hopping antics and worse, with the same woman who caused trouble in the first place, Njuzu.

Njuzu and Hell Commander are already flaunting their relationship on social media like no man’s business.

Recently, she was congratulating ‘her man’ on buying a Ferrari and gladly posted it on social media.




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