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Abednico Ncube for Vice President


Gone are the days when leadership was based on qualities, qualifications and to some extent anointing. Leadership came with a responsibility of protecting the interests of those being led. The recent invidious development in Matabeleland South that saw stories in the papers that part of Gwanda will soon be making part of Mberengwa, thus making it Midlands has left people seething with anger and very distraught. The story might have come as a gag or joke to some, BUT the truth is, Zanu PF knows what it is doing. It is something that has been in the pipeline for quite some time, courtesy of the Minister of Local Government – Honourable July Moyo, Minister of State Matabeleland South – Abednico Ncube and the once MP for Gwanda Central Edson Gumbo.

For long people did not understand why Abednico Ncube was and is adorable to Zanu PF. The man is behind the signing of Matabeleland South mining rights into Edwin Manikai’s personal portfolio. In the whole of Zimbabwe it is only Matabeleland South that is under EPO’s, and these EPO’s are in the control of Edwin Manikai who is a nephew to the current Head of State. With the help of Winston Chitando Minister of Mines, they have clandestinely crafted a legislation that give Manikai exclusive mining rights in the whole of Matabeleland South. Edwin Manikai now owns the whole of Matabeleland South.

The ownership of the whole of Matabeleland South makes the devolution talk nothing but a yawn. Infact Matabeleland South and North is open for looting not business. All this fiasco has been crafted by Abednico Ncube and Edson Gumbo who is an uncle to the Minister of Local Government. Edson Gumbo is a cousin to William Dewa who was MP for uMzingwane Constituency. The two hail from Mberengwa and are not new to controvecy. After winning their parliamentary elections in 2013 they threw lavish parties in Mberengwa celebrating the defeat of the ‘’Mandewere people” in their backyard. The above is said to be a tip of a script long inked by Abednico Ncube in preparation for his plans to be Vice President. The man has been working flat out to oust Kembo Dugishi Mohadi as Vice President.

According to a reliable source within the secret agent corridors, Abednico Ncube’ son and heir apparent called Leslie Ncube has been working flat out to depose Kembo Mohadi and anyone who wants usurp power from his father , thus fulfilling the adage that an apple does not fall far away from its tree. Leslie is the same guy who has been talking of a third dispensation without the current leadership. Leslie Ncube works as a Commissioner at NPRC. He was once Board Member at Kusena Diamonds, Traffic Council of Zimbabwe, and National Aids Council of Zimbabwe. Currently eyeing another stay as the Commissioner with NPRC and also getting a bite in the lucrative National Parks or EMA as a Board Member. Leslie has openly boosted that, his father is the god father of Matabeleland South. The claim might be true considering the numerous mines and farms that the Ncubes own in and around Gwanda town, Collen Bawn and West Nicholson.

Just recently the Ncubes in conjunction with Justice Sello Nare snatched a Farvic tribute in West Nicholson that was previously allocated to the youths and made it theirs on top of several other mines that they own. Lately Abednico Ncube is claiming to be having some blood relationship with Owen Ncube. Remember his close relationship with Matemadanda before his demise? It enabled him to submit his probable team for 2023 in Matabeleland South. A move similar to the submissions of names in Chiredzi that saw Munhungehama, Jevas Masosota, Farai Musikavanhu and Ezra Chadzamira positioning themselves and starting to campaign now. Abednico’s team is said to be composed of Japhet Dube Gwanda South, Section Ncube Gwanda Central and Leslie Ncube Gwanda North while his other child Emmanuel Emma Ncube is posed for the council slot so that he becomes Mayor for Gwanda town. It is alleged that his list was authoritatively embraced as appropriate and campaigns have gone into motion. The posting of Matemadanda to Mozambique has somehow dented his plans noting that he had already started canvassing for his proxies.  It is crucial to highlight that, a week before Kembo Mohadi’s demise, Honourable Ncube had become a resident of Kwekwe lobbying for the Vice Presidency from Owen Ncube and July Moyo who are believed to be king makers in Zimbabwean politics. Rumour has it that, July Moyo has been assured of getting a chunk of Gwanda if he makes it possible for Abednico Ncube to be Vice President. If anything is to go by, Kembo Mohadi’s fall from grace was not only ‘’bedroom” related, it has to do with the control of Matabeleland South. Abednico Ncube has strongly tried and continues to try elbowing out all political stalwarts in the region such as Aaron Maboyi, Chief Maduna, Obert Mpofu, SK Moyo, Richard Ndlovu, Elia Masiyane and many others. In all his political exploits he uses the “Political Detainee” chant. He can be best defined as a theatrical choreographer in politics. It is a known fact that, he was never a political detainee, BUT a criminal who was jailed for stealing cement at Collen Bawn. Come 1980, he summersaulted or flipped and claimed to have been arrested for political activism. If truth be told, he cannot remember his cellmates and cell number.

It is also alleged that he cannot even remember where he was detained and his political party. Zapu should furnish the world with records that reveal the identity of this political turncoat who runs with the hare and hunt with the hounds. He is but an opportunist who thrives by blackmailing and framing fellow politicians. His mental health is also questionable. Those who know him claim he is a psychiatric patient who can be violent and abusive if not given medication on time. With Mohadi licking his wounds, Abednico’ son who is also his chief strategist par excellence is busy burning the candle hewing means and ways of how his demented father can be the second citizen. Rumour has it that, he claims to be a holder of several degrees from MSU, UNISA and ZOU making him to be qualified enough to be next VP though his reasoning and language in public equates him to a herd boy or touter. His qualifications might be the same with his dubious war credentials.

Information coming circulating within the echelons of power and security claim that Abednico Ncube is clinging on to power because his hands are soaked with blood. They assert that his past is mired by bloody shenanigans that saw him shade blood to stay in power during Mugabe’s era. Every time they held elections, people were killed courtesy of Abednico and his crew. He will therefore cling on to power to cover up his blemished past. The position of Vice President is critical to him and will do anything to get it so that he is beyond reach. He has always imagined himself remaining in power forever and hence entering the VP race so that he remains within the realms of power forever, while positioning his children is a strategy meant to protect his ill-gotten wealth. The question that many people keep asking is, if Abednico Ncube becomes the next Vice President what will happen to Matabeleland? Time will tell. Meanwhile info filtering says Abednico Ncube continues to tussle mines and property from the poor and defenseless people of Gwanda. According to the reports coming in, he has just grabbed a gold claim at Number 16, Matekenya Farms and some goat feedlots at Guyu. He has jostled out the poor Makorokozas at Matekenya and a poor man at Guyu who was earning a living through goat breeding. The people await that moment when voting time comes in 2023.They are yearning for that moment when he pleads for votes as Vice President since he has placed himself in the presidium already. The question that remain in people’s minds is, will he stand the test as Vice President? Time will tell.


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