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Ditched Dj Marve speaks out: I sold my phone and laptop to help Mweya Ndisekeze Hitmaker Mambo Dhuterere


Dj Marve: I sold my phone and laptop to help Mambo Dhuterere. Dj Marve said Mambo Dhuterere had promised him that he will become his manager back in the day but, he did not live up to the promise. “I used to post his content for free from across all social platforms before he even shot up to prominence.

Mambo Dhuterere’s former handler popularly known as Dj Marve has come out open on how the Mweya Ndisesekedze hitmaker Mambo Dhuterere ditched him.

“He had to get hold of me after having posted a lot of his content. “From there I taught him how to use social media we worked together up to the period his first album was a breakthrough.

“Ever since he rose to prominence akandi jamba passwords and everything we worked for zvakachnjwa pakunzi pava ne new management,” he said.

Marve said Dhuterere has since ciezed picking his calls. “Haachadaira my calls ndakatozomuti andipe mari yangu ye data and all the effort I placed pabasa rake ainditi ndoiwanepi mari mu corona muno.

“From Mweya Ndisesekedze video uploading and all it was me who worked on it,” said Dj Marve. “Ever since I started working with Mambo Dhuterere he only gave me $40 USD amwe mashows akazotevera anga ane mari he gave me nothing.

“Pamwe pacho anga akutonditiza ndikamuti chindisiyai ndiri kusocial media zvikanzi kune munhu chimboenda unoona manager. “Ndakaenda kuna manager ndikanzi zvehu dj unogona here kusetter malights pastage then ndikati handisati ndambozvita ndobva angonditi ndichazokusheedza,” added Dj Marve.

The Chi-Town bred Dj went on to lament how he helped Dhuterere even after having side lined him. “Pane paakazotenga mota akanditi nditsvagirewo driver I linked him with my friend because iye haana license.

“Months down the line the same guy I gave him to be his driver was ditched and Dhuterere stopped picking his calls. “Ikadairwa inonzi ndiri mu meeting” he lamented.

Dj Marve said he wishes to part ways with Dhuterere in a good way and he wants his money. The Chitown based Dj shared screenshots and voice messages which has him speaking to Mambo Dhuterere


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