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Dead Husband Messing Up My Relationships


A widow is having a nightmarish love life because of her dead husband who is preventing her from having a decent love life.

Whenever she does the deed, it feels as if she’s being choked.


Prudence Ngwenya (38) from Daveyton, Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun she’s losing hope of moving on and finding another man.

She said whenever she gets into a relationship, strange things happen.

She felt like she was being choked and when she’s having s_x, she gets short of breath. She said she’s already broken up with three men.

“I told a doctor about the shortness of breath and he told me it was probably panic attacks.”

Prudence said when she stopped poking, she started feeling like she’s being choked at night.

She said she also noticed that when she was single, nothing strange happened.

She went with her mamazala to a sangoma.

“He said my husband was behind this,” she said. “I was doubtful at first but the sangoma advised us to visit my husband’s grave and talk to him.”

She said she only went once because she wasn’t convinced. “I moved on with another boyfriend.

“This time, there would even be sounds on the roof. I got scared because I started feeling my husband’s spirit around me.”

She broke up with the new boyfriend because she didn’t want to endanger him.

She said she started visiting her husband’s grave regularly and things were good. Last year she stayed single, but this year she decided to give mjolo a chance, hoping things would go smoothly.

“I met an amazing man in Benoni but we were only happy for two months before my husband started messing things up again,” Prudence said.

She said she’s tired of living like this because she wants to spend her life with this new guy.

“We’ve taken a break until I find a way to get my husband out of my love life,” said Prudence.

Her mamazala, Joyce Ngwenya (57), said she’s also tried of begging her son to let Prudence go.!

“Prudence was a great makoti and they were happy together but for him to stop her from moving on is just not fair,” said Joyce.

Sangoma Mkhulu Ntabeni said the late husband was trying to stop his wife from moving on.

“This is a jealous man who doesn’t want a man looking at his wife. He’s a stubborn man and it’ll take a while for him to accept that his wife needs to move on.”

He said he advised the family to visit his grave and beg him, but it seems he’s not willing to calm down. “I’ve run out of ideas and hope that they find help.”


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