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Chivhu Woman Who Beheaded Her 4 Children released


A Chivhu woman who made headlines sometime in November last year for killing her four children following a dispute with her husband was this Thursday granted bail by the High Court.

The woman, Emelda Marazani, 29, beheaded her four children and set her home on fire before surrendering herself to the police in Highview suburb, Chivhu.

The incident around midday following what police described as a “marital dispute” with her husband, Lameck Brande.

Police reported that when Emelda Marazani’s husband left for work in the morning, she locked the children aged nine, five, three and one in the house.

She then took a rope and tied the two elder children before slitting open their throats with a knife. She also went on to kill the other two children with the knife before setting the house on fire.

Her bail has triggered a conversation on social media with some saying, like any other accused person, she is entitled to freedom until she has been proven guilty.

Others observed that the crime she allegedly committed was so gross, therefore, she was not entitled to freedom.

More to follow on the grounds for granting her bail.


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