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Businessman who shot 4 people at girlfriend’s flat paid lobola for Nyasha 2 weeks ago’


A Gweru businessman went berserk and allegedly shot four people, killing two instantly after suspecting his girlfriend was cheating.

Peter Dube (35), the owner of Mixed Blend Car Sale in Gweru, allegedly committed the ruthless crime as his wife watched in horror.

The shooting at Bensam Flats in the early hours of yesterday has been the talk of the City of Progress.

Gamuchirai Shoko

Dube allegedly shot his girlfriend and socialite Nyasha Nharingo (31), her sister Nyaradzo (34), his girlfriend’s alleged lover identified as Mr Shelton Chinhango and Nyasha’s friend Ms Gamuchirai Mudungwe (30).

Chinhango and Mudungwe died on the spot.

Peter Dube’s girlfriend, Nyasha Nharingo

Peter Dube’s girlfriend, Nyasha Nharingo

Nyasha and Nyaradzo are admitted to Gweru Provincial Hospital where they are battling for life in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Dube allegedly fled from the scene after the cold-blooded shooting and police have launched a man-hunt for him.


Dube, sources said, could not stomach being ditched by Nyasha, a popular Gweru socialite who was now going out with Mr Chinhango, his friend who is a known gold dealer based in Kwekwe.

People gather at the shooting scene
He allegedly shot the four while his wife Justina Nomatter Chawama (30) and his brother Advance Dube watched.

The car dealer was allegedly incensed after Mr Chinhango drove Nyasha, Nyaradzo and Ms Mudungwe to Masvingo to collect Nyaradzo’s passport without his knowledge leading to the fatal confrontation.

Ms Mudungwe allegedly tried to intervene and was shot dead together with Mr Chinhango.

The incident allegedly took place at Bensam Flats, Main Street in Gweru at around 2AM.

When a Chronicle news crew visited the crime scene at 9.30AM, the bodies of the two were yet to be collected.

The body of Ms Mudungwe was on the steps leading to Bensam Flats while that of Mr Chinhango was on the driver’s seat in a Toyota Hiace.

Residents at Bensam Flats were forced to use the back entrance as Mudungwe’s body blocked the front entrance.

Police from the Homicide Section were still attending the scene.

Acting Midlands police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende yesterday confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that we are investigating a murder case where two people were shot dead while two others were seriously injured following a domestic dispute. We are still gathering information and we will update you once there is a comprehensive report. We appeal to members of the public to desist from resorting to violence when they have disagreements,” said Asst Insp Mukwende.

Sources said Dube suspected that his girlfriend Nyasha, whom he was renting an apartment for at Bensam Flats, was having an affair with Mr Chinhango and that the two were planning on moving in together.

Mr Chinhango is said to have driven Nyasha, her sister Nyaradzo and Ms Mudungwe to Masvingo to collect a passport without Dube’s knowledge.

“On Thursday at around 11AM Mr Chinhango, Ms Mudungwe and Nyasha accompanied Nyaradzo to Masvingo to collect her passport.

Dube got wind that the four had gone to Masvingo without his knowledge and this did not go down well with him since he suspected Nyasha was cheating.”

At around 8PM, he allegedly took a yet to be identified firearm and proceeded to Bensam Flats where he failed to find Nyasha as she had not returned from Masvingo.

He allegedly waited until the four arrived around 11PM.

Sources said there was pandemonium as Dube shouted at Nyasha, who eventually called his wife.

The group allegedly went to Gweru Central Police Station where the issue appeared to have been resolved.

However, after midnight, Dube returned to his girlfriend’s apartment and his wife and brother followed.

“When Dube got to the flats he found Mr Chinhango parked outside and proceeded to Nyasha’s apartment. Dube accused Nyasha of having an affair with Mr Chinhango and an altercation ensued which prompted him to go downstairs and shoot Mr Chinhango once in the head while he was seated in the driver’s seat of a Toyota Hiace. He died instantly.

“Dube went back upstairs and met Ms Mudungwe on the entrance to the flat and shot her once on the chest and she died instantly. He proceeded to the apartment where he shot Nyasha on the neck and Nyaradzo on the head and both sustained serious injuries. Dube fled the scene and disappeared into the darkness,” said a police source.

Dube’s wife and brother who witnessed the incident reported the matter to the police.

“Dube’s younger brother, Advance and wife Justina Nomatter Chawana, who witnessed the incident, went to the police and made a report,” said the source.

Mr Ishamael Nharingwa- the father of Nyasha and Nyaradzo said he was informed about the shooting around 2AM. “I then rushed to the hospital only to find my two daughters battling for life. The two have been having problems for quite some time but I never imagined it could come to this,” he said.

Mr Nharingwa however said Dube had paid lobola for Nyasha about two weeks ago.

Last month the world was celebrating the women’s month with issues of gender-based violence coming to the fore amid concerns that such cases increased during the lockdown period


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