Creepy: Tokoloshe Insults Sangomas “Voetsek” In Viral Video {Watch}


IMIHLOLO: The evil creature, witnessed on a video making the rounds on social media, is seemingly being trapped by a group of skilled izangoma.
IMIHLOLO: The evil creature, witnessed on a video making the rounds on social media, is seemingly being trapped by a group of skilled izangoma.

A GROUP of sangomas were told to voetsek by a creepy evil creature/ Tokoloshe they had caught and trapped in a beer crate during a cleansing ceremony much to the surprise of many who witnessed the video.

In the video, the sangomas could be seen holding down the crate while the creature fights to free itself.

One sangoma can be heard saying: “Listen, this creature is talking.”

The creature then replies: “Voetsek!”

Another sangoma replies: “Voetsek nawe!”

The sangomas ask the creature: “Who are you? Who sent you?”

But the creature’s cries increase tremendously as it tries to escape.

The creature manages to stick its leg through a hole in the beer crate, which shocks the izangoma.

Social media users were also shocked by the video.

Mantombi Gumede said: “I heard it say voetsek and fokof mos.”
Rich Tshepo said: “Good people, where can I get the full video. There’s no such thing as a cat or animal.
“That thing sounds like it’s not from this realm and I believe it’s something our human eye is not ready to comprehend and come to terms with.”

Other sangomas told the Daily Sun that only powerful traditional doctors and muthi can trap tokoloshes and evil creatures.

Traditional healer Kuppe Banda from Hammanskraal, north of Tshwane, told Daily Sun a tokoloshe can be paralysed in many different ways.

“The sangoma can be in big trouble or even die if they miss it.

“It might even bother the neighbours if the sangoma misses.

“It can be trapped in the yard, cupboard, fridge and anywhere in the house. It can be trapped by the way it bothers a family. It sometimes steals food or makes a noise on the roof or at the door.”

He said they use powerful muthi to trap the creature, which is stronger than muthi used for evil deeds.

“I normally use a signal or message to trap it. It can also be trapped inside a drawer of food and, in most instances, it will be found fighting to release itself in the morning,” he said.

Banda said if one catches the creature they shouldn’t kill it as it will come after a sangoma, the family and neighbours out of anger.

However, he said, the tokoloshe can come as a rat, cat, shadow, animal or even a human.

“Many people turn rats and cats into tokoloshes,” he said.

Banda said he’s killed many tokoloshes and is not scared of evil creatures.

Sangoma Majoko Hlongwane said she’s killed tokoloshes by trapping them.

She said there’s a special powerful muthi that traps the dangerous creature.

“Trapping the evil creature is a very dangerous mission because one can die before accomplishing the mission,” she said.

Hlongwane said a tokoloshe bothers people as it steals money, food and causes fights in families.


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